Picanha from my trusted OTP

This is definitely one of my favourite pieces of meat!

Picanha. It’s Brazilian meat, and it’s goooood! Really good!

The thing is, I had a piece of dutch bought picanha of 2kg, although the traditional Brazilian chefs tell you that the original picanha is a maximum of 1 – 1,1 kg. So here’s what I did. I cut of the tip so I ended up with a nice picanha of 1 kg, and I was going to do the other side (top half) on a different way. If it’s not picanha, that doesn’t say it’s not good!

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Home made bread with our cast iron pot

I’ve got my cast iron dutch oven now for about half a year, and I’ve done some different things with it already, but one thing I haven’t done yet is baking bread in it. I had a beautiful Boeuf Bourguignon done yesterday, so I thouht I bake some bread to go with it.

It was really easy and very good!

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