Kansas Style ribs

What to do, what to make? To answer that question, the procedure in our house is rather simple. I go to the freezer, open the meat drawer and just take a look at what I’ve got and what feels good. Well. The first thing I saw, were some nice meaty rib racks.

Choice is made, it will be ribs. Now to figure out how to cook them this weekend. For that, I decided to open my new ‘bible’ from Steven Raichlen, which is a guru in my opinion. Pretty soon I had a lot of ideas about a lot of meat, but I was still looking for the ribs, in that case. ….

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Rotisserie chicken in the kettle

I was about time that I dipped myself in the wonderful world of rotisserie on the BBQ. Last week, on my birthday, my dear brother, also a fanatic BBQ cook, brought me a rotisserie ring for the 57cm Weber OTP. This time, I had to give it a go myself.

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