This page is setup by me, just to let everybody enjoy the fun of outdoor cooking, the same way I do. Whether it’s High and Fast, Low and Slow, Smoking, Dutch Oven, Pork, Cow or Fish, I don’t care. It’s also not a real recipe site, but more a blog type page about my personal grillin adventures.

I’m a 40+ father of 2 young boys, and I live in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. You can imagine the weather not always playing nice with us here, but we try to make do.

Enjoy, and don’t be shy if you want to drop me a message or leave a reply on the posts, if you like.

The name I use on the site, is derived from the following information.

Jack. Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 black label Tennessee Whiskey. The preferred drink of pitmasters while tending their fahyrs all night. Some drink the pricier Gentleman Jack, but most only break out the good stuff after they get a call.

Fahyr. Source of heat for cooking as pronounced by barbecue champs. Spelled “fire”.

Call. When you get a call, you’ve won one of the top prizes in a barbecue competition. You find out when they call your name from the podium during the award ceremony.

hungry men grill meat on fire!

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