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T-Bone and Taters. Good food.

Not much complication, but a genuine good dish for a saturday. I still had a nice little T-Bone steak in the freezer, and decided to prep that. I wanted something nice and simple, since I didn’t have that much time today.

I’ve marinated the steak using a simple yet effective way.

Just used the following.

  • 5 tablespoons of olive oil
  • pepper
  • salt
  • 2 cloves of garlic, not too finely cut up.

I’ve put that all in a ziplock bag, with the defrosted steak and let that rest in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Meanwhile I’ve sliced up some potatoes and heated up my skillet with some olive oil. I’ve baked the potatoes and just added some dried italian herbs and some salt to it. Simple yet effective.



Meanwhile I’ve heated up my WGA with some charcoal and waited until it was searing hot. Just do both sides of the T-Bone for about 60 seconds and then move it to indirect and close the lid. For a red steak, use about 4- 6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the steak and for medium, use about 7 – 9 minutes indirect. Great steak. I’ve covered it in aluminium foil for about 5 minutes before serving and eating. Loved it with a glass of rosĂ© wine.


Beercan Burgers, yet once again.

it’s been some time since I made these, but they are still soooo easy and definitely one of my favorites. Beercan Burgers (or made with a coca cola can, but it’s probably size that matters 😉 ).

You just need a few things for 2 of these big boys.

  • 300 grams of minced meat (in my case 100% pure beef)
  • 1 egg
  • bread crumbs
  • ketchup
  • 5-4-3-2-1 rub (but any good rub will do)
  • bacon (long slices)
  • chedar cheese (the chewy melty kind of cheap cheese)
  • some grated cheese of a kind
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 green bell pepper (but any colour will do, of course)
  • BBQ Sauce

First start by making the minced meat ready for the can… Mix the minced meat, the egg, a squish of ketchup, a dash or rub and the bread crumbs to a non-stick, non-watery substance. Sounds difficult, but you know it once you’ve got your hands in it.


I’ve divided this in 2 balls of roughly 150 grams each. Pretty nice size. Then, form balls and once done, press the beercan (or Coca Cola, for the observing people) in the center and form the minced meat neatly around it.


Now the even more easy part, wrap it with 2 or 3 slices of bacon until it’s nicely packed.


Now it’s back to cutting up some veggies and making them soft in a pan. You can of course use the BBQ for that too, but mine is not lit yet, so I’ll use the stove for now.

The bell pepper and unions are cut up and softened and I’ve also added a cloaf of garlic. Never hurt anyone. (almost …. depends, I guess, of the situation…)


Once soft, let cool down, before you put it in the burgers, of course. I’ve also sliced up a few pieces of cheese, due to the lack of grated cheese here on sunday and no open stores around for miles ….



Now I’ve added some very little vegetables (cold!) in the burgers and some cheese and I’ve repeated this until it was full, topped of with …. more cheese.


Now a squeeze of BBQ sauce, mine is ‘sweet baby ray’s’, Hickory and brown sugar. Some sweet touch. I like it, but it’s up to your taste too, of course. You can very easily chop down some peppers in there. Everything you like. Mushrooms will do great too, but I didn’t have any ….

I’ve prepped the grill for indirect grilling on roughly 160 degrees and I’ ve placed my 2 beauties on the grill rack. 45 long minutes of waiting without looking might stress you out, but no fear, all will be well. Just mind the temperature. That’s the most important one.


After about 30 – 35 minutes I’ve topped them off with a slice of cheddar melting cheese and let it go for the last 15 minutes.

But know, that after 45 minutes of pure agony, you will be left with 2 of those gorgeous pieces of meat and vegetables. You can’t find a better burger anywhere! I’ve ate them with some home made DO bread, and it was delicious! Definitely worth a try!


Smoked Scotch Eggs

Finally, after some time, ready for another post. I’ve slimmed down the grilling endeavours slightly, but didn’t stop. Haven’t been very original lately, and don’t want to overflow y’all with pictures of things that I’ve done before already, of course.

This weekend, however, I’ve gotten the inspiration to do something new, yet pretty easy, though when done correctly, a nice surprise! Scotch Eggs. For those of you who don’t know this typical Scottish pub-food, it’s like a soft boiled egg inside a ball of meat. Tasty and good!

Not much is needed, so here we go.

I’ve started out with the following,

  • beef sausages
  • eggs (soft boiled)
  • powdered paprika
  • salt, pepper
  • nice mystery rub, provided by my friend Arne. (still no idea what was in, but neither did he anymore).

I’ve actually started out with the boiling of about 6 eggs. I’ve been pretty strict in that, in order to boil them soft. What I usually do to ensure soft boiled eggs is the following. I bring the water to a good boil, place the eggs in (with a small hole pinched in the back of the egg to make sure they don’t break), boil for 6 minutes exact, take out of water and COOL DOWN. If not cooled, the eggs will continue to get harder inside. I take a bowl and keep a steady flow of cold water from the faucet running for about 30 seconds. For these eggs I’ve taken it one step further, and placed that bowl of water with the eggs and placed it in the refrigerator.

After that I continued with the removal of the beef from the sausages itself. Not hard, but you do get sticky fingers here.


Mix it all through with some paprika powder and some salt and pepper. You can do some more in there, but I didn’t. Call me lazy, but I was more interested to see the end result in this case then working on the flavour of the meat.


I peeled the eggs under a running water faucet and made sure they didn’t have any breaking parts in it. Very gentle and delicate work here ;-). Now flatten out some meat and fold it around the egg. No tricks here, just be very gentle again, cause you don’t want to squeeze the egg out or worse ….

IMG_1271 IMG_1272

I’ve put some rub on them and did some plastic foil around them. Placed them in the fridge for some hours to let the rub do it’s work and we’re ready to fire up the Q.


Once hot (around 180-200 degrees Celsius), we placed the balls on there for about 25-30 minutes indirect.

We also added about 3 pieces of hickory to smoke it good. Can use a little more wood, as it only cooks for 30 minutes.


Unfortunately one was slightly cracked in the meat and one of the eggs was really broken as well, but the other 4 were beauties! Look below and judge for yourself! Very tasty and we accompanied it with some pasta with freshly made pesto and grilled corn from the Q. (which apparently is much better if you forget it and leave it on the grill for 1,5 hours indirectly)…

IMG_1276 IMG_1279

Definitely worth a second go, but I will work on the meat a little more then! Keep you posted guys!

Blokhuis’s Beer Bottle Burgers

Hallelujah, I’ve discovered barbecue heaven! A most delicious, easy to make and very beautiful recipe, seen first by the PitmasterX (in my case), where they were done with a beer can. Because of the absence of cans in my house, I swapped the cans by a bottle and did a similar thing. It was heaven on earth! Fantastic! Continue reading Blokhuis’s Beer Bottle Burgers

Sunday burgers with fried eggs. It keeps getting better and better!

Yesterday, we had a nice and lazy day in the Netherlands, which meant BBQing again. (second time today, so not really a severe punishment for me). I wanted to do something simple and had a some minced meat left from the lunch I created this afternoon.
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