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Baking bread in the Dutch Oven

Here’s something I’ve not done for some time. Baking bread. It’s a terrible rainy sunday here now, and I’m bored. Bored onto the point that I’m going to cook. Not that I have to be bored to do so, but it does help me get my mind of things.

For the bread dough I’ve used the following.

  • 500 grams of flower
  • 350 ml of handwarm milk
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 1 bag of dried yeast.

I’ve abused my little kitchen appliance to do some first mixing of the dough. All dried ingredients are in there and I’ve mixed them up pretty well.


After this, I’ve continued by hand, adding some more flower to make it less sticky until the substance was just right.




I’ve let it stand for 20 minutes and gave it a new good run-through. It ended up fine and I’ve cut it up into smaller pieces and made balls of it. Now place them in the DO and let it go for about an hour or 1,5. Meanwhile don’t forget to lite some coals, of course ;-).



IMG_3118After some time (in my case about 60 minutes, but that’s due to rain here and some missing heat), I’ve added about 7 coals under the DO and some 15 on top. Let it go and don’t look, cause the most important rule is still; “If you’re looking, you ain’t cooking”.


Finalized product is gorgeous and great to taste! Now let’s add some meat to this bread!



Birthday weekend and good weather

So, last weekend the weather was great! Saturday and sunday were filled with sun and beautiful spring temperatures. You know you got to go cook outside like this, don’t you?

What’s it going to be. Considering I have my birthday on sunday, I was thinking pulled pork, which is always good. Problem was in the time to sit around for a few hours to let it go low and slow on the WSM. In stead I chose to do it in the DO, which I didn’t use for a few weeks. No special treatments this time, I actually copied my own recipe for Dutch Oven Pulled Pork from my blog.

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Chicken and lemon stew

Yess! It’s been way too long since I’ve fired up the DO, so this saturday it was time to dust the Oven off and get it lit up!

Chicken is the preferred cut, and I needed to figure out a nice recipe for cooking it, without sticking in the recipes I know and love already. Got me thinking, and suddenly …. #lightbulboverhead ….. lemon came to mind (and google).

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Gumbo with Okra, chicken and chorizo this time!

Temperatures of around freezing, sunny, no wind and it’s beautiful outside.

Let’s cook Gumbo in the Dutch oven! I’ve been able to get my vegetable guy to whip up some Okra, what appears to be a key ingredient in the gumbo.

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Spicy Baked Beans from the DO

This sylvester eve 2014, we had a good meal, and a friend of mine made brisket. To accompany that, I decided that it was time to do some baked beans again. I love them, but I don’t make them quite often enough.

So, to start, I had to make sure that we had the ingredients. I decided to go with a serving for 12. If there are leftovers, I put them in the freezer. The choice for the baked beans was quite meaty, which I will not do again next time, but ok. It was very tasteful, nevertheless.

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