I would like to thank my mother, my father, my brother and my wife and kids, my neighbours for enduring me during my many nightly and weekendly sessions, my friends for missing all social events they like, while I grilled, my teacher at high school, my driving instructor, my colleagues, my car dealer, my grandma and of course, the guys on TV that show me good food and make me want to make it too….

Kidding, of course, but there are some sites / people that deserve more than just a small line, although I can’t give them anymore here. Be so kind to check them out and pass on the love, guys!


BBQ-NL (dutch)
BBQ-Genootschap (dutch)
Amazing Ribs (US)

Youtube homies

BBQ Pit Boys
Cooking everything outdoors
Pitmaster X

BBQ teams

Kennemer Cavemen (dutch)
Seaside Smokers (dutch)


Steven Raichlen
Jord Althuizen


Beef en Steak
Aalvink Vlees specialiteiten

and many many more in this organic and growing list.

hungry men grill meat on fire!

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