Flaming Picanha

One of the best pieces of meat, from my perspective, must be the picanha. It’s a very tasty piece of meat from the back of the cow. You can get the Argentina one, Scottisch one, or whatever country you like. It’s a very easy, yet very very good Q piece.

First of all, we do not do a lot of seasoning with it. I personally just start with cross cutting the fat, so the taste can go in real good and it stays roughly the same shape while burning. We then do a good twist of salt on it. When that’s done, we’re done. Pepper is done afterwards, since that will just burn off without leaving taste, in my perspective.

I personally like to bring it up to 51 / 52 degrees Celsius in the core, as I don’t like it too red, but that’s up to you. If you like it red, just continue at 47 / 48 degrees. We do this indirect, in a dome of 180/200 degrees. Dome temp actually doesn’t come too close. The lower the temp, the longer it takes. When I’ve reached that core temperature, I bring it onto the coals directly and put it with the fat down directly on. That will take a few seconds, but I guarantee a good burn.

 Leave it there until the core reaches 54 degrees and take it off.  I let it rest for about 10 minutes under aluminum foil, and then I cut it in tranches of about 1cm. (half an inch). It’s really tasty and goes well with a nice fresh pasta with pesto. It’s also good, just as it is.

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