Picanha from my trusted OTP

This is definitely one of my favourite pieces of meat!

Picanha. It’s Brazilian meat, and it’s goooood! Really good!

The thing is, I had a piece of dutch bought picanha of 2kg, although the traditional Brazilian chefs tell you that the original picanha is a maximum of 1 – 1,1 kg. So here’s what I did. I cut of the tip so I ended up with a nice picanha of 1 kg, and I was going to do the other side (top half) on a different way. If it’s not picanha, that doesn’t say it’s not good!

The picanha has been cut in tranches of about 1,5 inch thick, and I salted them with Hawaiian Black Salt, I purchased in Bretagne last year. Very tasty salt, and it looks cool too.

These tranches have been in the salt for about 20 minutes.

I’ve done the remaining piece of the meat in the same salt, but after cutting in nice cubes in the fat layer of that piece. Decisions, decisions, but the whole piece will be done reversed sear, while the pieces of the traditional picanha will be directly grilled.

The tranches were superb, although I could have done them a wee little bit longer, but it’s beef, so a little mooing during the first bites is ok. Taste was nice. Grill flavour from the charcoal and the salt finished it off.

The ‘big’ piece is cooked indirect up till a core temp of 50 degrees celcius, and then I put it on directly on the coals, with the fatside down. You just got to love the smell and view of that!

Both were again extremely tasteful and very easy to make.

Try it for yourself, if you got the chance!

You can’t miss it.

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