tired sunday afternoon turning into a super meal with friends

Yesterday I returned from a sailing contest in the Netherlands, and was pretty beat. I actually didn’t feel much for lighting the Q and getting some food prepped, but fortunately I have some fantastic neighbours / friends. Once they all came in, in combination with the kids, we threw some content of the combined fridges together and worked out a pretty decent meal, if I may say so.

We started out with pancakes for the kids, as that is always a good thing. We had six of them, so my wife made a nice pile of them and they were gone in the blink of an eye. Once they were fed like hungry wolves, we proceeded with the bedding process. 30 minutes later, all six of them were gone and we could focus on the food for the adults ;-).

We lighted up the Q and let it go to 180 – 200 Celcius. One of the neighbours had some pork ham pieces and we defrosted those. They were already lightly salted, so we added just some pepper with lemon in it. Marinated it in that for time it took to get the Q lit up and on temp and placed them on there for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Lovely!

At the end of the grilling cycle we added an aluminum tray with some tomatoes and some oil and herbs, to go with the pasta aglio, olio et peperoncino. Pretty simple, yet very tasty meal that really made my day! Thanks guys, for feeding me yesterday.

Finally, one other friend made some beautiful pears in red wine, with some cinnamon and some juniper. Combine that with some custard or yoghurt or even vanilla ice, and your good!

It was a great and exhausting weekend, but I loved it!

(A weekend without grillin’ is no weekend at all!)

aglio, friends, ham, lime, olio, otp, peperoncino, pepper, pork, spaghetti, weber, weekend,

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