twas the night before christmas, Bistecca Fiorentina

twas the night before christmas 2014, and yes, grilling was planned yet once again. Bistecca Fiorentina, or a nice T-Bone steak with italian herbs is being prepared.

For the steaks, I ordered 2 500gr. on the website of my one and only supplier of premium beef, Beef en Steak.

These fine cuts were nicely massaged in with some fine olive oil and sprinkled with some sea salt and italian herbs (oregano, basil and thym). I didn’t have the fresh thym, so I couldn’t do the traditional basting with the stick of rosemary, but nevertheless it already smelled really good.

Fired up the Q, in the freezing cold and waited until it was nice and hot. It needs to be steaming hot to grill a T-Bone directly.

Once completely burning, I put the 2 slices of meat on top of the coals and let it go for about 4 minutes. I wanted them medium rare, but I also was a bit worried about getting it too bloody.

After 4 minutes, I turned them once, and let it go for another 4 minutes and took them off. Covered in aluminium foil, we waited until the fresh pasta with aglio, olio e peperoncinno was ready and we dressed the plates.

I can assure you that it was an very good and tasteful Christmas Diner! Loved it, once again!

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