Po’ Boy sandwiches!

What exactly is it?


I wanted to have a long go with some outdoor cooking, since I’ve missed a weekend, which is killing, of course, but nevertheless necessary. I really couldn’t make it last weekend.

So, to have a go, I fired up the coal starter and went into the kitchen for some preparation. I had some Butler Steak (about 1,5 kg) and chopped up 2 unions and a complete fresh ball of garlic. Garlic is ALWAYS good! I also made some cajun herbs myself, since I’ve read that factory prepared cajun consists of 60% salt, which I didn’t want.

To do this, I used the following recipe.

Cajun herb mix found here!

I’ve also created a strong beef broth (1,5 lt.) and took that outside with me, together with the meat and the garlic and unions.

I’ve placed a lot of coals in the firebowl, to heat up my Dutch Oven. I want it flaming hot. I also added a dash of olive oil to the pan, and when it was smoking hot, I did the meat in there. Just for a few minutes to get it closed and browned a little.

After that, I’ve added a small amount of broth and let it cook until it’s gone. I repeated this step for 5 times. This is to get the meat caramelised. It enhanced the flavors in the meat perfectly.

Now, add the garlic and the unions and let it go until the unions are nicely browned and add the cajun herbs and the rest of the broth. All pieces of meat are now covered, and I removed a lot of coals from the bottom, to let it go slowly. On my DO I used about 7 coals under the DO and about 12 or 14 on top.

Just let it simmer for 5-6 hours and remove the meat from the broth. Use a few forks to pull the meat into small threads / pieces. This is also the moment to remove the pieces of fat that are too big to eat.

When done, take a small glass and put in a few big spoons of flower and add some water. Stir this until you end up with a nice stick substance and slowly add that to the broth while it’s on the coals. Keep stirring until it’s mixed in well and let it boil a little for a few minutes. This will thicken your sauce.

Once done, put back in the pieces of meat and stir it around until all meat is covered in sauce evenly.

I closed the lid and went back in the kitchen.

I had some ciabattas (smaller ones for the kids and the big ones for us adults). I prepped them in the OTP for about 5 minutes and sliced them open. I covered both sides of the bread with mayonnaise and a layer of crispy lettuce. On top of that, A good layer of meat, which I topped of with a thick layer of tomatoes and pickles.

Now for the finishing touch, I’ve placed them back in the OTP for about 5 minutes more and they were good to go!

Best hot meat sandwich I’ve ever had!

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