Rotisserie chicken in the kettle

I was about time that I dipped myself in the wonderful world of rotisserie on the BBQ. Last week, on my birthday, my dear brother, also a fanatic BBQ cook, brought me a rotisserie ring for the 57cm Weber OTP. This time, I had to give it a go myself.


I defrosted a chicken and rubbed it simply with some turkish rub. This rub I placed on the hard parts where you can’t do it afterwards, because of the hogtie method to close up this chicken for the spit.



After aligning it on the Q, and turning on the rotisserie, I just let it go for about 1,5 hours and measured the temps. They were high over 70 degrees Celcius, so next time, maybe an hour is fine too, but I guess that depends on the size of the bird itself, of course.

Forgot to make some pictures of the finished product, but rest assured, it was phenomenal! Next time I’ll brine and rub it with some selfmade stuff too!


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