Birthday weekend and good weather

So, last weekend the weather was great! Saturday and sunday were filled with sun and beautiful spring temperatures. You know you got to go cook outside like this, don’t you?

What’s it going to be. Considering I have my birthday on sunday, I was thinking pulled pork, which is always good. Problem was in the time to sit around for a few hours to let it go low and slow on the WSM. In stead I chose to do it in the DO, which I didn’t use for a few weeks. No special treatments this time, I actually copied my own recipe for Dutch Oven Pulled Pork from my blog.

Just make a nice marinade from garlic, onion, thyme, mustard, brown sugar, bbq sauce, apple cider vinegar, chicken broth, and some chili. Pour a little in the DO and place the meat on top. Top it off with the rest of the marinade and place it on moderate heat for about 3 – 4 hours.

Try pulling it and when it’s ‘pullable’, you’re done.

I’ve pulled it and poured back some of the sauce and unions in the meat to make it moist.

Lovely! As always, but rest assured that the next one (and I still have a boston butt in the freezer) will go on the WSM again!

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