Baby Back Ribs

Ribs…. what is there to say about ribs that hasn’t been said a million times before on just as many websites on the internet…. We all just love them! In order to show you a bit more about the ribs we do and will do, I’ll try and enthusiasm you as much as I can here.

When doing baby back ribs, I usually order them through a dutch company called beefensteak. They sell really nice cuts of meat and the deliver really quick in styrofoam boxes with artificial ice. It should remain frozen for 48 hours, as far as I know.

I start with removing the piece of skin on the back. I use a sharp knife to find a beginning and pull it off. Usually that is not that hard to do, but I’ve found out that it’s easier to do when they are still a little frozen. But that’s just my best practice. Your’s can be completely different, of course.

Rubs….. What can I say, there are a million rubs that you can use for ribs, homemade and readily made. You can make a selection in the rubs section of the site. I do have a basic BBQ rub that tastes fine, also bought on the website of beefensteak, for the easy run. Just make sure you do this a day in advance, to let the flavours soak right in in the fridge overnight. I use a good layer of rub and put them on a big plate, covered with plastic foil.

The next day, I fire up the WSM (Smokey Mountain) using the minion method, which means putting a lot of coals in the ring and topping it off with a small starter of burning ones, that will evenly burn down. I usually put some wood chunks in the not-lit coals as well, so they will go off after another. My preferred taste is apple or cherry, cause I find that hicory is a bit too much for my wife, but still very good. I the pan I use simple water, pre-heated. Saves time in having to wait for the temp to come up.

When the WSM is on the right temp, around 107 Celcius, I put on the racks and I leave them there for about 3 hours.  After 3 hours of smoking in the WSM, I take them off, and wrap them firmly in aluminium foil, with a spoon of apple juice. Make sure that the foil is as tight and closed as can be.

Leave them on again for 2 hours. After that time, just remove that foil again, in which it steamed beautifully and put them on the WSM again, bone side down. After 30 minutes, you can mob some BBQ sauce on the meat and leave it there to caramelise for the last half hour.

6 hours in and you’ve got some ribs to suck off the bone.


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