Beer Can Chicken

This is one of my favorite BBQ recipes, as it doesn’t take that much time to prepare, and when executed properly, it can’t go wrong.

Besides, the kids love it!

I usually make a large amount of rub, so I can do it a few times before I have to make it again. For this I use the classic bbq rub, described in the Rubs section from the side menu.

Of course, you need a chicken, a full beer can and a BBQ too, but I guess you already know that…

For starters, we let the chicken reach room temperature by removing it from the fridge in time. Then it’s time to gently oil the entire chicken with some tasty olive oil. I personally rub the inside as well. When that’s done, and the chicken is nice and shiny, we rub in about 2 TS of the rub around the outside and inside. Don’t forget the nasty little wrinkles between the legs and wings. Fold them out to get maximum coverage. Now it’s time for a beer. The can can be opened, and you can throw half of it out in an aluminium tray, which later will be placed inside the Q under the chicken to catch some fat dripping and to keep some moist under your dome. Now you can enlarge the hole in the can or try to put half a TS of rub inside it through the little drinking hole. Your choice.

Prepping the Q itself. I use a full chimney of coals and I have the separator tray’s inside my Weber OTP. When flaming hot, I divide it over the 2 trays and move them to both sides leaving a nice open space in the middle. Place the previously used aluminium tray there and fill it up with some more water, so it has a nice layer of fluid inside. Put in the top grill and close the dome to let the coals get to the rightful temperature. I keep it around 180 – 200 degrees Celsius

Now comes the painful part. You’re going to insert the can with the opening to the top inside your beautiful prepared, shiny and rubbed chicken. Place it over so far, that it will stay standing up on the can and the 2 legs of the chicken. Use them as a sort of tripod, making sure it stays upright for the entire cooking time.

Place the chicken with can on the grill, right over the aluminium tray and close the lid again. Now it’s just waiting. Leave it in for about 60-90 minutes, depending on the size of chicken. I know there are core temperatures you can use to see if it’s ready, but I usually do them about 75 minutes and stick a fork in it after that. If the moist that comes out of it is clear, it’s as good as ready. By that time, the skin will be nice and crusty and will taste fantastic!


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