Why should we do it the hard way, while sometimes a good burger is one of the tastiest things from the Q? That’s the goal for tonight.

We still had some burgers in the fridge from the Black Angus cow, and they are very tasteful. I had a good red onion and some cheddar cheese. That’s enough for a good burger, although you can of course make it as big and high as you like. Tomato would do fine as well, but I’m all out now. Too bad. Lettuce and pickle to top it off.

I started with cutting the buns, and cutting the onion. I already laid out the cheddar and lit the Q. High and fast is key here.

The coals are hot and the onions are slowly heated to make them soft and give them some smokey flavour. I love it.

Finally a change to use my Weber pans to the test again. I use them way too little.

The onions are ready and we’re good to go with the burgers itself. I’ve put a small thumb hole in each of them, so I can see the moist come out and turn them just in time.

Once turned, I’ve put the buns on indirect too. Just to make them crispy.

Wen done, all I have to do is add the cheese and we do the rest on the table. Lovely!

Again a good Q-ing today!

What will tomorrow bring?

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