Gumbo with Okra, chicken and chorizo this time!

Temperatures of around freezing, sunny, no wind and it’s beautiful outside.

Let’s cook Gumbo in the Dutch oven! I’ve been able to get my vegetable guy to whip up some Okra, what appears to be a key ingredient in the gumbo.

I’ve decided to not make too much of a hassle out of it, so I’m going to do it with some chorizo sausages and chicken (filets and legs). As the previous time I did this, I’ve miscalculated my timetable enormously …. again …..

Starting with the mis-en-place (for those of you that don’t get french, just google 😉 ) and cut up all the vegetables and herbs and prepped all thing needed for the gumbo.

I’ve lit up the coals for the DO and let it heat up quite good. Added the oil and flower and started with creating the roux. Whenever you start, don’t stop until it’s ready and keep stirring. Burning the roux will kill the entire gumbo. There is no fixing that at all!

5 minutes in.

20 minutes in

35 minutes in… Must be the outside temperatures that plays with me….

I actually wanted to have it much darker, but I couldn’t get it done here due to the external temperature, probably.

Finally I can add the holy trinity of Gumbo, Celery, Onions and Bell Peppers in equal amounts.

Stirred it all well and when it began to become ‘glazy’ I’ve added the rest.

chopped up tomatoes with juice. Nice touch!

After adding the stock I’ve let it come to a boil again, and I’ve added the fresh okra. (not frozen)

But first I’ve added the pregrilled chicken and the chorizo sausages (cut up in bitable pieces).

Let it simmer for 45-60 minutes and served it with rice in a bowl. Jummy. The kids loved it, but my wife didn’t … Apparently she’s not a big fan of Okra. ….. A, who cares. Now the entire family just received their batch of Gumbo too! 😉


Chicken, chorizo, dutch oven, gumbo, kids love it, rice,

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