Homemade burgers

Last weekend, we could officially say that is was time to do some burgers again. It’s been way too long and the kids were annoying me with the question as to when we were to do it again. It’s not really a punishment, since I like them a lot and it’s relatively simple to make.

For starters you need some minced meat, of course.

I used some basic flavours to add to the meat,

salt, garlic powder, pepper, paprika, worcestershire sauce and a table spoon of ketchup.

Roughly 1 or 2 teaspoons of all…

Also I’ve added a red union, very finely chopped.

I’ve mixed it up very well, and used the burger press to create 6 beautiful burgers.

Just put them in the fridge and they’ll be fine to go on the Q later on.

So, grilling time started, and I’ve fired up the Q and poored myself a nice glass of red wine on this cold day. (it’s freezing here…)

Now all that remains is puttin on the burgers and grilling them to the ultimate burger.

Also I’ve grilled the buns a little, just to make them taste like BBQ too.

And just to be able to sustain the cold temperatures of -1, I’ve lit up my other Weber, the fire place, which I love and adore.

Finally, finished product, topped off with some tomato, cheddar, pickles,

Looks great, and as allways, the kids (and my wife and me) loved it!

Try it yourself, and find out how simple it really is.

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