Sunday Ribs from the OTP

Apparently I don’t have a freezer big enough to hold my meat, so I needed to create some room. Needs to be said that cooking and eating is much more fun than gathering nice pieces of meat in a freezer, so I choose the ribs.

Took them out of the freezer on saturday and removed the rib skin.

After that I applied the rub (which I created from left over rubs I had. I used my moinkball recipe, some grill herbs and some basic all-purpose rub). Now it’s just a matter of covering it and put in in the fridge and wait and wait and wait until tomorrow to grill the racks.

Sunday morning, and my wife and kids have left the premise. Manly things are about to happen here. I fired up the chimney and got my OTP started up for indirect grilling. Now it’s just a matter of lowering the temperature. I know that it’s much easier to do with unlit coals, but I did a full burning starter to begin with. Took me some time to bring the temperature back to ‘as low as I can’, which was around 120 degrees Celcius. Placed an aluminum tray under the place where the ribs will be and put some pear juice in there to let it steam a little. I placed the ribs on the rackholder and let it go for the first hour.

Meanwhile I created a juicy baste from some butter, chili based bbq sauce, honey and a dash of poire Williams. Good combination!

Every hour I basted the ribs with that devine moist and it made them nice and shiny and slightly sticky from the honey.

At hour 3, I took the ribs off and put them in aluminum foil together with a spoon of red forrest fruit juice and let it cook for an hour or 2 on the OTP again.

After those 2 hours of steaming, I removed the aluminum foil and placed them back indirectly in the rib holder on the grill. I covered the racks in a nice honey based bbq sauce and let it go for the final hour.

One hour later I grilled the ribs off one by one directly over high heat and served them on the table, together with a nice cole slaw. I would like to say that the kids loved it, but only one did, actually. The youngest one was not to happy with it, and refused to eat it.

No worries, you can’t win them all, and he’s 5, so he’ll come around eventually, because ribs are and allways will be the best man food there is on this beautiful earth…. I think.

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