Just in time! Burger time, to be exact …

Seeing that this is liberation day in Holland, I didn’t had to go to work this morning, and even though I love my job, I love being behind a grill even more! This morning I dropped my eldest off at hockey camp, which was very cool to have a look at, and went to the supermarket for some last minute necessities. Thankful for the few guys and girls that are still working today.

When I got home, I saw that my wife took out the frying pan to make lunch. When I asked here what she was doing, she was talking leftover from the weekend. Asparagus soup and 2 burgers … I was …. like …. WHAT! Burgers in the frying pan! No way that’s going to happen! After swallowing all my raging fury I very calmy told here that the frying pan won’t be necessary…

I fired up my little WGA and waited a few moments until the coals were nicely heated.


Placed the grill back on top and grilled the 2 burgers directly. Once done, I moved them to the indirect spot, and very briefly grilled the buns. Meanwhile I placed some cheddar cheese on the burgers and voila!


Since we had to share, I cut them up in quarters. I know …. way to little, but we’ll have to make do here. It was delicious, though! Just dress with some mayonaise, ketchup and pickle. Lovely!


45 minutes after removing the pan from the equation, we had a great lunch!

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