Sunday afternoon pizza’s

Got to love pizza, don’t you?

I got my very first pizza stone for the BBQ yesterday and decided to give the rock a spin. First of all, I had to fire up the Q, which was easy, since we already had some friends over and we did some saucages on the grill. Lovely. But that also meant that the grill was already hot.

I’ve put on the pizzastone and decided it would be time for us to start making the pizza themselves. Fortunately the kids love to help out here.

We made 3 and the first one is with bacon and cheese, topped with an egg, the other one is a spinach one and the 3rd is with pepper and mozzarella! Yummy!

 Finally, we did them one by one and they were all very tasteful. Definately worth a rerun on this!

I loved it, and so does the rest of the family 😉

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