Blokhuis’s Beer Bottle Burgers

Hallelujah, I’ve discovered barbecue heaven! A most delicious, easy to make and very beautiful recipe, seen first by the PitmasterX (in my case), where they were done with a beer can. Because of the absence of cans in my house, I swapped the cans by a bottle and did a similar thing. It was heaven on earth! Fantastic!

For starters, I took about 1 kg of grounded beef and made 4 nice big quarter pounders. Lovely big balls. Got to love them.


No rubs were applied, no pepper, no salt, just basic ground beef. Nice, good quality beef. Now, I took a beer bottle, as I’ve understood you’re supposed to drink with this recipe. Well, who am I to disagree here, on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Push in the bottle until you can’t really go any deeper and make sure that the beef is pressed against the sides of the bottle nicely as well. Easy to do, of course. After that, cover it with some slices of bacon. Originally it should be pork belly bacon, but I used what ever was at hand here.


Meanwhile we grilled some nice vegetables. In our case, we used a bell pepper, onion and mushrooms, but anything will do, if you want. Even pulled pork, spare ribs, garlic, whatever you want. Make it your own and enjoy eating it later on.


Once softly grilled, I’ve added them to the hollowed out burger base.


Once filled, we topped it off with some nice old grated cheese and some BBQ sauce. It will all drip in together and melt while getting a good combined flavour!

20150531_170329 20150531_170558

This I covered, once again, with some cheddar and then we are ready for the grill.


Prepare your grill for indirect grilling around 180 degrees Celsius. (350 – 360 degrees Fahrenheit). Take the Beer Bottle Burgers and place them on the grill. I’ve taken an aluminum tray to make sure that any drippings will not fall into my precious OTP.

20150531_181553 20150531_172153

Cover it, and for the hard part, just wait for about 1 hour. ….. It’s really long, especially when you’re getting hungry…

Though…. It’s worth the wait, I can assure you!


Take them out and enjoy, while they are still warm. The inside has a nice sweet taste, with the mixed vegetables and cheese, combined with the sweet BBQ sauce I used. You can use any sauce you like, and even add some chili sauce or anything more spicy, if you like. Mine were supposed to be enjoyed by kids, and so they did!


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