Dress the board Rib-Eye

This weekend we had an ‘official’ diner with friends and family and I wanted to do something special on the table. Thankfully I have my favorite chef Jamie standing by in the kitchen (as a book, not the real deal, of course).

I found the ‘dress the board‘ a very nice addition to the BBQ I already planned. The fun thing is that it’s super easy to do, but very tasteful and entertaining to serve.

You start out with a nice few pieces of rib eye, which I bought in the local farm shop. Very nice pieces. I just salted / peppered them and that’s it. I lit up the Q and went for the ‘high and fast’ method for direct grilling.

Keep rubbing the meat with rosemary branches and a cloaf of garlic every time you turn it.

As Jamie mentioned, turn every minute or so, to make sure that the moist doesn’t leave the meat and continue until the meat is nicely medium cooked. Once done, just take them of the Q and move them to the table.

This is where the magic happens, because now the presentation part starts. You take a nice wooden board and cut up some parsley, basil, olive oil, red pepper and lemon juice and mix it all up on the board. Now you take the rib eye and move it around through the dressing on the board and you slice it up in nice firm slices. move them through the rub and serve on a plate.

Went really well with some nice baked wild mushrooms and pasta. Lovely, easy and very tasty!!

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